Three days later we received an offer

Hoping in the near future to expand our family, we began the process of looking for a Realtor® that could help us find a larger home. We found Carol’s website and contacted her regarding some properties we found through the MLS feature on her site. Since none of the properties really met our desires, Carol emailed us other listings. After previewing a few of them with Carol, we found the perfect home and made an offer on it. The sellers would not even look at an offer that had the sale of our home as a contingency. They were relocating to California and needed a quick and successful close. Carol had already explained the difficulties of having our offer taken seriously unless we had a contract on our own property and had completed the inspection period. Now we realized how true that was and that we would never be able to write a strong contract with only the usual contingencies unless we sold our home first. Having our home for sale before we were sure that the other home we had found would still be available was terrifying, but we trusted Carol’s advice and her assurance that she would find us the perfect new home, even if the one we wanted was no longer available. After consulting the CMAs with Carol, we agreed to what we all believed was the fair market value for our home and signed a listing agreement. That same day, our home was a featured property on Jenny and Carol’s website with wonderful photos, as well as being listed in the MLS. The next day, Carol brought us flyers of our home, a Home Book with neighborhood details for prospective buyers to peruse, and a For Sale sign was outside along with a box for the flyers. Three days later we received an offer that was very close to our asking price from a first-time qualified buyer with only the usual contingencies. Of course, we accepted the offer and were now ready to buy our dream home. The home we had originally wanted was sold, so Carol worked tirelessly, checking the MLS every few hours for new listings. She new exactly what we were looking for and previewed the homes, showing us only those few that had possibilities. One day we received THE call.“Beth, this is the one, you have to leave work this minute!” The home had appeared on the MLS at noon that day. I left work at 3pm to see the home. It was everything that Brian and I had been looking for and more. The home was priced very competitively for a quick sale, so we wrote an offer that afternoon and this time had an accepted contract by noon the next day. Thanks to Carol, we are now in our dream home and I would recommend Carol to anyone trying to buy or sell a home. In fact, I already have!